Are the Nashville Blue Tones the same as Blue Tone Music?
Commonly confused, the Nashville Blue Tones and Blue Tone Music are different, though related. The Nashville Blue Tones are a 9 piece variety dance band. Blue Tone Music is a boutique talent and booking agency that manages the Nashville Blue Tones (as well as various other musicians) and books their gigs.

Will the Nashville Blue Tones be able to play specific requests for my first dance?
Definitely—this is a common request and if the band doesn’t already know your song we are generally happy to learn yours. Or, if you prefer, we can play the original recording through the band’s sound system.

I see you offer various sized ensembles…What band members can I expect at my event?
The core 9-piece Nashville Blue Tones band includes a lead guitarist, keyboard player, bass guitarist, drummer, male & female vocalists, and 4 horn players. Not only does the Nashville Blue Tones promise variety in our music but also in the sounds and set-ups we offer! To fit your event budget and venue space, we offer various sized ensembles, adding or removing instrumentalists and vocalists to the core band.

If a member of the band falls sick, what will happen?
Great question. Ideally, your event will go off without having to worry about this but on the rare occasion where a band member should fall ill, we have you covered. One of the benefits in fact in choosing the Nashville Blue Tones is that the band has talented, rehearsed musicians on-call for this very reason. For example, if you’ve contracted our 7 piece ensemble and a member gets sick, another experienced musician is ready and waiting step in, ensuring you the band size and sound you expected.

Should your event last longer than scheduled or things run late, will the band members stay? What are the extra charges?
Absolutely! We know what it is like when the party’s rocking and guests aren’t ready to leave. There is a minimal fee if you would like to have the band play past the schedule end time; the standard charge is $30 per musician, per quarter hour.

What requirements (power, space, etc) do you have for a venue? What if the event is taking place outdoors?
Our needs are pretty simple. The band requires a safe, level, performance area (covered if we are outdoors) and one or two designated 15-50 amp standard power outlets. Since we have played at many of the popular event venues in and around Middle Tennessee, we are happy to talk you through room layouts that have worked well in the past or coordinate details like this with the venue coordinator or your event planner.

What about breaks during the performance? How many do you take and how long do they last? Will they be providing music in the background during the break?
Generally, the band will take one or two 15-20 minute breaks during the course of your event. We are super flexible when we take our breaks and can time breaks with a presentation or speech. Recorded music of your choosing can be played during the breaks. We also offer an option to have the Nashville Blue Tones play live music continuous throughout the event for an additional fee.

Do the band members require a meal?
Only when you are serving prime rib and mashed potatoes…just kidding! We don’t require meals but this is something that is definitely appreciated.

Do you carry liability insurance?
You bet! The Nashville Blue Tones carry a standard liability insurance policy and don’t leave home without it.